The history of the AGS Custom Kitchens began more than a decade and a half ago, in the year 2000.  hen, Amin, an owner of a small enterprise, took a decision to found a company in the sphere of furnishing kitchens. Since the very start of the enterprise, its key principles have been focusing on the clients’ wishes and delivering the results of superior quality. Even though applying such principles required a lot of efforts, time, and investments, it paid off later when the company’s reputation and demand for its services started to grow enormously.

During the span of the AGS Custom Kitchens existence, thousands and thousands of clients have resorted to the use of our services and come to know the service of top-notch quality. The AGS Custom Kitchens Company has helped many its customers to get a real satisfaction while overhauling, furnishing, and individualizing their kitchens. Whereas every separate case brought enjoyment and desired results to each of our customers, it also contributed to the experience and expertise of our employees in this field.

Currently, our company continues to work over the customers’ orders and come up with new interesting and innovative ideas regarding the kitchen design and furniture. If you wish to get the kitchen of your dream at a reasonable price, give a call at 647-638-1715 or send an email to AGS Custom Kitchens means the service of the highest quality!